Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ren and Stimpy title cards

These are a few of the title cards for R&ST. I designed (drew)
most of the cards for the series including the fonts.


Vincent Waller said...

Yank, yank, yank, Print, print, print!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Some of them are the titles of very unfortunate cartoons but I still, love these cards.

SteveLambe said...

Those are fantastic, Bob.

Mad Dog Hoek is definitely a favorite of mine.

Unknown said...

Fantastic indeed!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Vince!

Thanks Rick for the..compliment,
But if I may venture an opinion of my own, we live in a world of unfortunate cartoons.
The worst of these are better than most.
How many 'unfortunate' cartoons have you made?

Thanks Steve!

Thank you Ironbob!

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Beautiful, Bob! Thanks for posting these gems. I've always been so impressed and inspired by the R&S title cards... more so now that I know you even designed the type (which alone deserves accolades). Hope you post more!

Steven Finch, Attorney At Law said...

I love the lettering on the "Reverend Jack" title card.

Shawn Dickinson said...

I love all the Ren & Stimpy title cards, whether the cartoons were "unfortunate" or not. You sir are a cartoonist's cartoonist!

Love the lighting on the Friend in Your Face card too! Is that Scott or Bill?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard the "Revrend Jack Cheese" episode was based on John K. Any truth to that?

Bob Camp said...

Hey Pummi, thanks! I'll see if I have any more buried somewhere.

Thanks Steven!

Hi Shawn. Glad you like them. I'm not sure who painted it. I fergit!

Yes that episode is a love letter to John;)

Zane Asylum said...

My fav is the Weener Barons...those expressions are dead on.

chrisallison said...

THESE TOTALLY RULE! Drawesome drawings, phenomenal painting jobs. Thanks for sharing, Bob!

Ryan Khatam said...

oh man thanks for posting these. awesome

Lluis Fuzzhound said...

These Are AWSOME!!!!

Still Fresh as a hand picked apple from a tree!!!

Thanks for posting these!!

Ollie said...

These are great!

Bob Camp said...

Hey Zane, thanks. You can't go wrong with weenie cars!

Thanks Chris. Yeah we had the best painters. Now those guys are the best in the business!

Hey Ryan, I happy to do it. I just found these the other day.

Thank you Lluis!

You too Ollie!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

I haven't made any Bob but I have the right not to enjoy something. I can never say a good thing about Ren Needs Help, I just can't. I don't want to pick fights though so that's all I'll say on the matter.

Bob Camp said...

Hi Rick,

Yes you are dertainly entitled to your opinion. I am also entitled to mine.
As you may or may not know there are lots of people that have criticized me over the years because they love the idea that all the cartoons that got made after John got fired suck. I've had to live with that and lots of people saying stuff about me and my work that is unkind, ill-informed and just untrue.

So forgive me if I'm a bit sensitive about these cartoons.

BoneDaddy said...

Ahh, that takes me back...

Anonymous said...

You held the show together. All those people are just dumb fanboys who worship John.

david said...

these are great. I really love the maddog hoek one. the designs of those wrestlers are so awesome!!!

david said...

Also, not to beat a dead horse, but on the subject of your work, I think that from the recent drawings you have posted you prove over and over again of how much of an awesome artist/cartoonist you are, and your dedication maintaining a high level of quality in all aspects: design, draftsmanship, funniness, etc.

the same cannot necessarily be said about john. To be blunt and honest, i am not big fan of the WONKYNESS that seems to have affected his style.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I don't think his style has evolved for the better.

Anonymous said...

Why must every couple of Ren and Stimpy posts involve an argument about John?

I like John's stuff, yeah. But his style has just sort of started waning recently. However, you have great quality and taste in design and funniness! Your work is just so much fun to look at! I hope that somehow makes sense. My brain doesn't seem to be properly functioning lately.

BTW, I don't like some of the R&S episodes. But I've always appreciated the effort and work that you and the other crew members have put into 'em. With and without John.

Oh, and kickass title cards! Love me some Maddog Hoek!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Bob: No problem. I know you unfairly got alot of crap about R&S after John left. Also that propaganda about the infamous Spumco firing and you being made to be the bad guy. *cough* Wild Cartoon Kingdom *cough*

Kevin Martinez said...


If I may have a dissenting opinion, I'd say the best of the Games Ren and Stimpy episodes are great by just about any standard. You and Chris Reccardi and Jim Gomez and Mike Kim did some awesome stuff.

These cards are great. I look at them and realize how much of a lost art title cards have become.

Eric Noble said...

Wonderful title cards. I would like a few of these for Christmas. I love the "Maddog Hoek" one, if for nothing else because it has a very Kurtzman-esque feel to it. Two thumbs up.

By the way, I loved the cartoons you and the others made after John K. left. I hoped that makes you feel a little better.

Arthur Filloy said...

Hey! Weener Barons,,,, I worked on that one.
Twas a funny one fer sure.

You know Bob, R&S was fun generally speaking.
Bagging the Games' episodes is rather lame. Folk need to make a comparison with current cartoons to see that.

There's nothing out there now that can beat even an inferior R&S cartoon. Not for me anyways.

BLAMMO The Art of Jason Groh said...

For years you have remained publicly silent about all the R&S stuff and that alone tells me a lot about you as a standup guy.

When you go back and watch those Spumco shows that everybody gives so much praise to,you notice something very telling.
In the credits of many of the best ones there is another guy who boarded and or cowrote them....His name is Bob Camp.
Weird huh;)
Beautiful stuff as always Bob!

Anonymous said...

"You know Bob, R&S was fun generally speaking.
Bagging the Games' episodes is rather lame. Folk need to make a comparison with current cartoons to see that.

There's nothing out there now that can beat even an inferior R&S cartoon. Not for me anyways."

Jerry the Bellybutton elf was one of my favorites. Also you and Bob should do another Lucky Lydia.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

Wow, nice stuff! Those are some real purdy title cards! (I haven't check your blog in some time, so I feel like a johnny-come-lately with my belated praise.)

I second Mr. Gemmill's comments regarding your great draftsmanship versus Mr. K's recent wonky style.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Anon.

Thanks David, that means a lot.

And thanks for all the nice comments JR, Rick, Kevin, Arthur, Blammo, Anon. and JJ.

As for John's style, I haven't seen anything he's done since '93.
I'm just not interested in anything he has to say or draw.

He's isn't a part of my world, thankfully.

I will say though, that John's creative influence on me and the rest of you is large and the fact that he changed animation for the better is undenyable.

David DeGrand said...

Man these are so great, Mad Dog Hoek was always one of my absolute favorite episodes.

WIL BRANCA said...

"How many 'unfortunate' cartoons have you made?"


Bob Camp said...

Thanks David D!

Hey Wil,
Yeah everybody who does this for a living has to produce an occasional turd;) It's just the nature of the business. It can't be avoided.

Anonymous said...

I'm new so all this John stuff goes over my head. Still there's no such thing as bad something or other. For my ha'pence worth your cartoons are top of the Premier League.

Ryan Kramer said...

These are fantastic, Bob. I envy your skills!

J. J. Hunsecker said...

"I will say though, that John's creative influence on me and the rest of you is large and the fact that he changed animation for the better is undenyable."Hi Bob,

Yeah, I agree with you about John's influence and talent -- I found his earlier work to be inspirational. However, he has embraced a strange new style lately, as evidenced by drawings he posted on his blog for an unreleased show starring George Liquor. The style reminds me of "Underdog" at times.

That's all I'll say on the subject, as you've chosen (and I'd say rightly so) not to dwell on bad memories.

Anonymous said...

I think another guy who gets an unfair bad wrap from the Spumco fans is Billy West. The whole things pretty silly.

Nate Birch said...

The title cards were always one of my favorite unique Ren and Stimpy touches. They always got you hyped up and made an episode seem like it was going to be something *special*.

"In the credits of many of the best ones there is another guy who boarded and or cowrote them....His name is Bob Camp."

If you're brave enough to watch the "Adult Party Cartoon" episodes you'll see exactly what R&S becomes without Bob and the rest of the guys and girls that went to work for Games kicking around. It ain't pretty. A few mediocre episodes by the Games guys is nothing compared to the epic dump John K took on his own creation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah APC just didn't have that same feeling.

Bob Camp said...

Anybody with anything to say bad to say about Billy better watch their ass! They obviously don't know Billy or John.

Thanks Nate. I've never even seen the Adult Party Cartoons.

I've never seen the DVD collection of the first series. I was never even told about their production or asked to participate in the Directors comments or any other aspect of the DVDs which I never even got copies of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob--
these cards are terrific. Didn't you paint the backgrounds in "Big House Blues"? Those are my favourite BGs in any Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

Bob Camp said...

Hi Michael,
Yes I did paint the BGs in Big House Blues. Every BG in that cartoon was an experiment.

Anonymous said...

Shitty ass title cards for shitty ass cartoons.

Kevin Martinez said...

Sadly, the DVD's of the Ren and Stimpy episodes are riddled with edits. I'd love to get uncut copies.. somewhere.

BTW, Bob, I have two questions, both R&S related.

1.) Jerry the Bellybutton Elf. The giant pork chop monster that Jerry morphs into says he's the "Lord of Chaos", but I've heard his name as being both Contorno and Adonis. Would you happen to know his name?

2.) What's the best/easiest way to draw R&S?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks Nate. I've never even seen the Adult Party Cartoons."

You know, they made a cartoon called "Stimpy's Pregnant" which John said was an idea you came up with at Nick.

Anonymous said...

"2.) What's the best/easiest way to draw R&S?"


Bob Camp said...

To whoever wrote "Shitty ass cards for shitty ass cartoons".
You are intitled to your opinion. I don't expect everybody to like my work and I know that lots of people just hate it. That's cool.
I hate shitty ass nameless cowards who lash out at people and don't have the balls to give their names.

Hey Kevin,
Lord of Chaos is all i remember. The pork chop thing comes from a dog toy pork chop that Steve mellor, the writer of the episode bought at a pet store.

The best wat to draw R&ST is to practice:)

Hey Anon, I don't know anything about Stimpy's pregnant. i may have come up with but i don't really remember. I used to make long lists of cartoon ideas for the show.

I do remember that I invented the name Spumco.

Vincent Waller said...

I'd like to second Bob's thoughts on internet trolls.
Only chicken shits and cowards throw insults from the the dark.

Kevin Martinez said...


Thanks for the answers.

I've been trying to draw Ren and Stimpy for years. Probably the hardest aspect of trying to handle Ren and Stimpy is trying to contort the characters for emotion while still making sure R&S look like themselves.

If I post one of the sketches I did recently on my dA page, would you look at it and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Bob Camp said...

Thanks for the back-up Vincent:)

Really there is no wrong way to draw R&ST. Only funny ways. We really never had model sheets. Everytime a new board came out everybody would go through and xerox all the funny poses and that would be the new way to draw 'em until something better came along.
Did you ever notice how each cartoon looked different? That's because the comedic drawings of the storyboard artist were important and the layout artists were told to stay as close to the board as possible.
I always thought Chris Reccardi Lynne Naylor and Jim Smith drew the characters the best. I could never draw Ren for shit. My reccomendation is to copy as many shots you can find of them and draw them over and over quickly with a ballpoint on crappy paper from memory until you can draw them with your eyes closed. That way you will develop a short-hand way of doing them. Draw small too so you don't get caught up in the details. When you do a drawing think of the emotion or gag you want to portray so the pose isn't wooden or boring. Think of them as doodles.

Yeldarb86 said...

The "Friend in Your Face" one is very funny.

I suspected some time ago that "Reverend Jack Cheese" was sorta like the Games' POV (the one no one cares about) of what happened between Spumco and Nick back in 1992. A green viewer would interpret it as another nonsensical episode, which alone makes the story pretty damn clever.

Concerning the Games eps in general, they just get too much hate. And for all the wrong reasons. The show lost some steam by its 5th season, but that was about it. When I first found Ren & Stimpy at the start of Season 4, I right away found the show to be terribly funny.

WIL BRANCA said...
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Ricardo Cantoral said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brubaker said...


If it makes you feel better, the first R&S episode that I've ever saw was a Games one, and I thought it was the funniest thing that I've ever saw, even though I didn't know a lick of English back then (My native language is Japanese).

You didn't do bad. There were several post-Spumco episodes that I loved. "An Abe Divided" being one of them.

Thad said...

STIMPY'S INVENTION gets my vote for Best Bob Camp Cartoon Ever (and probably the best one ever made for television period). Bob's style is all over that cartoon.

Roberto González said...

I really like some of the post-John K. cartoons. There were some really good ones and the ones directed by you were especially good. I loved Monkey See, Monkey Don't, Circus Midgets and Weener Barons (this was a little so-so, but I include it because the ending is completely hilarious).

Also some others that are not directed by you, like Hard Times For Haggis, which I thought it was spectacular.

I love these credit titles. I find Ren Needs Help a tad boring and I haven't seen some of the others yet, but these are amazing drawings anyway.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Mr. Semaj,
yeah The Reverend was a parody of life with John.

No worries Wil,
I'm surprised any cartoons come out good the way they are made.

Hi Brubaker,
Thanks for the nice thoughts.

Hey Roberto,

Bob Camp said...

Hi Thad.
Thanks, I'm pretty proud of that cartoon as it was my idea and I wrote and boarded it (except for the scene where Stimpy uses a duck and a beaver which John boarded).
The song was my idea but it was written and performed by John, Chris Reccardi and the rest of the Screaming Leaderhosen.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Nice to see these larger. Thanks for posting Bob.

Bob Camp said...

You are welcome Brian!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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craig clark said...

Hilarious! I love it!

Marc Crisafulli said...

"House of Next Tuesday" had many funny moments,
but OH! That title card!
Definitely one of the best paintings
in the whole series.

Thanks for sharing all these with us, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Love this stuff. CaN YOU POST MORE??!! PLEAAAAZE??!!

Anonymous said...

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Soodlewhoop said...

Damn Bob! I had no idea you did these! No matter what anyone's opinions are on the cartoons these were made for, they can't deny that these are very good. Don't tell John or Jim, but you were always my favorite, haha.

Unknown said...

Great art! Have any other title cards we could see?