Friday, October 26, 2007


This is a 2 page illustration I did for Pete Fredrich which he published in his comic magazine Pure Entertainment. An oldie but a goodie! Special thanks to my old pal Randy Hoppe for the JPG.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Drawing tips

I got a post from Michael where he showed me some funny drawings he did of Ren and Stimpy.
I thought I might put my answer to him up here thinking that it might be helpful to you other nice folks

Construct your drawings from the ground up. Think about the big shapes and the expression. What is the point of the drawing? What story point are you trying to convey? Think about the thrust of the action, the shape dynamics between the characters. Also keep in mind that the characters will have to animate. This meanss you must plan your staging around the broadest poses. Draw the entire figure standing on the ground keeping in mind their center of gravity, the force of the action/expression and how it relates/effects the other character. Don't scratch at the lines, use quick confident strokes and draw with your whole arm not just your fingers.

Here is the pencil holding theory. If you draw like you write then you are using the dozens of small muscles in your hand which are pushing and pulling on the pencil while you try to draw a circle or shape. Experiment with different ways to hold your pencil. Think of it as a wand.

Don't get too caught up in the details of the wrinkles etc. It's good to know how to do these but thats just skin and you need to work on the bones. A good exercise is to come up with a short story. Like Ren comes home and finds Stimpy doing something he shouldn't. (use your own characters if you can) Ren loses it and reacts. Stimpy gets a happy beating. Do thumbnails first to work out the gags, expressions/poses etc. I know that's a lot but if you want to try it I think it would help.

Don't fall in love with any drawing ever. if it looks bad to you (listen to the small voice) then draw it over. Don't trace it or you will repeat the same mistakes. It's like playing the piano. It's all about practice not about putting on a concert.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Drawing theories

Here are some sketches I did a while back with the idea of doing a book of character design theories. It never happened so here they are anyhoo.