Saturday, August 25, 2007

Old business card concept

I was playing around with business card concepts. I like this little guy.


Kevin Langley said...

Hello Bob, glad to see you started a blog. Some great stuff here already, love those Battlin' Babes and T-shirt designs. I'm looking forward to more of your funny drawings.

Bob Camp said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for checking out my blog and the encouraging comments. I'm new to this and I see so much incredible art out there. Glad to see Screwy Squirrel's face. I think he's about my fave character.
I'll check out your blog too.
Stay in touch,

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Delightfully retarted card concept !

Bob Camp said...

Hi Pcunfunny.
Saying that my card concept was retarded is perhaps the nicest thing anybody ever said to me. I may cry.
Hey I checked your blog. I like the way you are experimenting with funny expressions and poses. Oh and they are really retarded too.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Bob: Thank you. Yes I was exprimenting with some funny darwings but I still need to learn a bit more on construction.

Bob Camp said...

Construction is all about shapes first. A good pose relies on a strong line of action and acting. I used to freeze frame cartoons and copy the poses constructing them first. Also I wouldn't worry about inking. It's much harder to ink a drawing and keep it lively and well constructed than it is with a pencil. Try starting with a blue pencil first. I learned just about everything I know about drawing funny cartoons by copying the greats. Copy! Copy Copy!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Thanks for the advice.

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