Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More from Personal Film Project (See Aug 18th)

I thought I'd add some more material of the film project from an earlier post that I created with Larry Hama. Here are some character designs.

This is a color mock-up of one of the designs for the heroine.

In this storyboard sequence, the heroine has to visit a witch that lives in the swamp.


Julián Höek said...

Hello Bob!!
I was hoping you decided some time to get a blog and it's great you are finally doing it. I love to cheek out every day your artwork (which is awsome)
I've been folowing your blog for a couple of days now and this is my first comment in it.
so contratulation and keep it going!!
BTW that heroing kick ass plus that tripping background really made me dizzy!! cool efect!

best of luck
Julian from Argentina

Yeldarb86 said...

This looks pretty cool.

I'd like to see what becomes of it.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Julian, Thanks for the nice comments. Sorry about the dizzyness.

Bob Camp said...

Hi Mr. Semaj.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Bob!" said with a giant pointer finger.

I remember when you pitched me this sequence and how pumped you were about it! Coolness. Remember, whatever you do - don't make the villians talk. Har!

It's good to see yer BLOG. Gotta go - aka - "Shut up and draw."

Bob Camp said...

Hey Rafael!
I'm glad you got to see my blog.
How the hell are you?