Monday, March 31, 2008


This is one of the first things I wrote and directed.  I also wrote, the song which has some similarities to a famous toy jingle.  It looks really ragged to me now but it still makes me 
smile.   I did lots of fake commercials for R&St but I think this one is the most well known.  



Gabriel said...

That's great, thanks for posting, Bob!
I remember when I was about 12, after seeing that kid I drew everyone with big hands for years!
Did you specifically require a marimba(?) in the song?

Kevin Langley said...

I love those commercials. The boy's expression while the narrator is talking are hilarious. What other commercials did you direct? I mean this looks like your work but I think many of us have been led to believe that someone else directed these. I don't think you get the credit you deserve Bob. I mean this is a classic and I bet most R&S fans wouldn't have credited it to you.

Anonymous said...

Which episode did you enjoy working on the most?

Anonymous said...

"It's better than bad, it's good"

Hahaha you wrote that? Awesome.




Double0zero said...

Hey Bob the LOG song has always been one of my favorites. I did'nt know that was you. Hey RBII airs in the states this Sat on CN. HK

Bob Camp said...

Hi Gabriel,
Glad you enjoyed it. Yes big hands are expressive. I don't remember much about the music other than I wrote the song bases on the Slinky commercial from the 60's.

Hey Kevin,
You know we did those real down and dirty and I was so involved in so many cartoons at once all the time that it all kind of blurs together. I did a lot of the commercials which were usually because the other cartoons were the wrong length and we needed filler. Also we wanted thew show to be more free form and less structured. Boy was it un structured! The shorts never had credits so I guess they didn't really count when we did them. I'll try to figure out which ones I directed.

Hi Phil,
I have to say that all of the episodes were a big mix of enjoyment and torture. I'm most proud of Stimpy's Invention which I didn't direct but I conceived it, wrote it and did the storyboard. I remember when we previewed it the first time at a party people were laughing so hard they had tears coming out of their eyes. How many cartoons actually make you laugh?

Yeah I wrote that!

Hi Albert
Yeah I did Chicken in a drawer. That short has more offensive and inappropriate jokes than just about any cartoon ever made for the series. One of my faves!

Bob Camp said...

Hey Heath,

Thanks I still enjoy it too. Hey thanks for the tip!
Stay in touch-

Anonymous said...

What's RBII?

Anonymous said...

a classic. HILARIOUS.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Bob you directed the Log commerical ? I didn't know that ! Like Kev said, I thought someone else directed the fake commerical. Oh speaking about R&S, I have a question for you. Can you tell me what was cut from Fake Dad ? I want to know what happened after Kowalski pulled up his pants.

Bob Camp said...

RBII is Robotboy season 2

Thanks Pouch

You know PC it was so long ago I don't remember.

David DeGrand said...

Oh man this takes me back to my youth, I would sing that flippin' song all day long! This is without a doubt one of the most popular bits from Ren and Stimpy, cool to know you were responsible. And Stimpy's Invention still leaves me in tears even after watching it hundreds of times.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Bob: That's okay. ;)

Gav said...

Best ever.

isma said...

Yes, i remember this commercial! it was so good, i could not stop laughing!!! specially when the trunk was knocking down the children.
Thanxs for posting Bob!