Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is a clip from Stimpy's Cartoon show which I directed. The voice of Wilbur Cobb is the amazing Jack Carter who was a famous comedian and TV star in the 50's and 60's. The storyboards are by the amazingly talented Chris Reccardi. I laid out a lot of this as did the amazingly talented Mike Kim. 
It's mostly nonsense and stuff we got from a recording of an old movie industry guy who was out of his mind and some "in jokes" that people who were there understand..


Trevor Thompson said...

Do you ever visit any of the Spumco blogs?

- trevor.

Bob Camp said...

Hi Trevor,
No I really don't.

Jack said...

I like when just Stimpy puts the ear on his head. Very nice stuff.

James T. Nethery said...
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James T. Nethery said...

Interesting. I like the Walter Lantz reference.

Just out of curiosity, is this a Spumco episode or one of the ones that was done at Games after John K left (or was fired rather)?

To tell you the truth, I'm not all that familiar with R&S so bear with me :-P

Anyway, cool blog. Tis bookmarked now.

Bob Jaques said...
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Ricardo Cantoral said...

"I you want to be a genius, it's easy. You got to say everything stinks !"

I think I know who that was refering too.

Thad said...

Nice to see you posting again Bob. Perhaps you can tell us sometime what it was like seeing your name on this piece of shit.

David DeGrand said...

I always loved this scene. The part where he takes his whole face off with his glasses gets me every time. Cool to see you blogging again, take care!

Kevin Langley said...

I love this cartoon. There's a lot of great expressions throughout the whole thing and everyone of Scott Wills' backgrounds are amazing. Glad to see you blogging again.

Yeldarb86 said...

I read from somewhere that Wilbur Cobb was really supposed to be a pile of rotten meat and fungi.

I don't know how much of THAT is true, but I think this zombie character works better in the context of a veteran who's lost touch with reality.

J. J. Hunsecker said...

Let's see if I can guess some of the injokes.

"we Italians have to stick together." -- Quote from Ralph Bakshi

"Roll 'em, Smokey" -- from What's Cookin' Doc?, where Bugs Bunny makes a reference to the cameraman at Warners, Henry "Smokey" Garner.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

"I read from somewhere that Wilbur Cobb was really supposed to be a pile of rotten meat and fungi."

Yeah and his name was orginally suppose to be Raymond Spum.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAh one of my favorite. I didn't know that Chris Reccardi worked on Ren and Stimpy!! His art is amazing.

Bob Camp said...

Jack, Thanks!

James, production on this cartoon was started while John was still on the show and was completed after he left.

PC, Keerect!

Hi Thad. You know at the time it was a job. We were frustrated with it true. In spite of what you may think about it, there was an Amazing crew on that show. Today it's a real animation who's who!

Hi David, thanks. Yeah it's one of my faves too!

Hi Kevin, Mighty kind of you to say so?. How's your project coming along?

Hey Mr. S. Uh there was lots of ideas about Raymond Spum. I think he started out as a crazed horticulturist. He was the founder of Spumco in the 30's.
By the time this cartoon got made he was somebody very different though.

Hey JJ. Nice to hear from you. Yes you are right!

Hi Pouch,
Yeah, Chris is one of the best directors to come out of the show. He really made his mark on the show. The History Eraser scene scene from Space Madness was his and he created the salesman character. I always said he was the only person that really knew how to draw Ren.

Greg C said...


I have some early (cirra 1973-74)
Cartoon scribblings from Bob....

This is your ole HS buddy Greg C.
I'll be in LA the end of July with my gang and hope to see you.
Get back with me.


Email at

BoneDaddy said...

A great episode to remember! I loved when the ear was sliding down--one of those creepy/funny moments that a young teen never forgets!

Lluis Fuzzhound said...

This is one of my favourites!!!
I love it!

Martin Juneau said...

I loved this episode from the series. It's nice to see again some peoples who had cartoons at heart nowadays. Today, it's just fightning and crappy toilet stuffs but this cartoon is a gem. Great stuff Bob!

Taco Wiz said...

Wilbur Cobb's ear is holy and magical. Bob, could you tell us your side of the story from the Spumco firing? I've heard Billy West's side, but not yours.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Brother Grim,
Thanks. Yeah everybody loves the ear. They made a mistake in animation and put the ear in up-side down.
No biggie tho'


Why should I bother putting my version out when I have people like you so happy to put their misinformed fairy tales about it on their blogs.
For the record, my version is my business.
Anyone who wasn't there in the building when it all wen down is full of shit.

David Germain said...

That was great, Mr. Camp. I think I have an idea of who W. Cobb was patterned after. Why, none other that Jay Sherman The Critic. ;) I kid. It's definitely...... someone else.

Bob Camp said...

Hey David,
BZZZT! Oh I'm sorry you're wrong!
Wilbur represents every old nutcase in the Hollywood biz. There are a couple of jokes directed at someone in particular tho'
Tee hee!

Mathieu Côté said...

It's perfect!

Ben Laserlove said...

Oh, this is a really nice scene. This is one my favorite later R&S episodes.

I think I've missed out on some stuff in the later R&S cartoons, because I follow John K.'s blog, and his hate for the Games Animation episodes have affected me. They've turned out to be better then I expected, so I shouldn't be so stubborn in the future.

Pokey said...

The video that Thad referred and linked to "has been removed due to terms of use violation" ["Lordzozori" on a cartoon fan site responsed to that by putting an article that was titled and said "Respect Nostaglia or Feel our wrath". So what video was being linked to, then?

Anonymous said...