Friday, September 19, 2008

Ren and Stimpy short storyboard

Here is a short board I did for the chain of theaters owned by Sumner Redstone who also owns Nick. It never got the OK to go into production so I kept it.


Kevin Langley said...

Wow Bob, these are great!! I'm going to save them and study them. Maybe then I'll get an idea of how to go about drawing a proper storyboard. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well.

James Sugrue said...

OMG I would've love to see this in the theaters! It sucks it was never animated.

Anonymous said...

Haha you sure love puns. These are great. I would've loved to see it.

David Mackenzie said...

Whoah, bit of history right there. Thanks for posting!

Bob Camp said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the nice comments.
I'm doing well thank you.

Hey James,
Yeah, it would have been cool.

Thanks Mike.

Hi David,
my pleasure.

kris.w said...

hahahaha... bless you for posting these, Bob! true inspiration for an aspiring board artist like myself. wish it would have been completed along with some classic R&S gag about cell phones during the movie!

you're awesome! keep drawing things please..

Ryan Khatam said...

awesome thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob I was wondering, do you know who made this Ren and Stimpy Fruit Roll-Ups commercial? Were you involved?

monkeyfeather said...

Nice boards.

Yeldarb86 said...

This would've made a funny episode. I like Stimpy's candy expression.

Thad said...

"Hey Ren, I forgot what movie we came to see..." Classic!

chrisallison said...

Hey Bob! Hilarious board! Man, I've been wanting to comment on this for a while and finally got a quick moment.

Think you could indulge us on your process. It looks like you pasted panels on top. Is this because you worked rough beneath, then pasted something on top to clean up? Or maybe just drew on single panels, then when you're done you paste them down? Just mining for nuggets : )

Bob Camp said...

Thanks K Dub,
Glad you like it!

Hey Ryan, Howya doin?

Hi Mike. I never saw that before. It was kinda cool. I have no idea who did it.

Hey Monkeyfeather,

Hi Mr Semaj,
Yeah, that's my fave. I can hear his voice saying "I love candy"

Hi Thad,

Hi Chris.
You know I almost never do a board the same way twice. I seem to always be experimenting with my lack of process. We had small pads made up and drew on them. That way it makes editing easier. The downside is all the tape looks like shit. BGS (before glue sticks)
Take care!

Vincent Waller said...

Well at least we get to see the board version.
thanks for showing it.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Vincent,
Yeah it's nice to share it.

Vincent Waller said...

Yes, cause it is right pretty.:D

Trevor Thompson said...

Hey Bob and Vince:

Why does 'Big House Blues' look so radically different from the rest of the series?

Even the first season looks.... well, it looks great. But when compared to BHB... it almost looks like someone else did it.

Did Nickelodeon want it toned down or did John have a say in the matter?

- trevor.

PS: Also, how do you draw small so well? My tiny scratch drawings are horrible. I need a full piece of paper to do anything good.

Tairy Greene said...

Hahha that storyboard is hilarious. Good stuff, good stuff..

Vincent Waller said...

Hey Trevor,
I didn't work on Big House Blues.I didn't start until Stimpy Goes to Hollywood/Big Shot Stimpy. Only guessing that the difference was that there were fewer hands working on the pilot, and therefore more control over the final product.

joe orrantia said...

Hey Bob! I always learn so much looking at your stuff! I wish you were out here so i could riffle your drawers like I used to... See I told you I could write something and not sound gay.

Anonymous said...
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James Sutton said...

Bob, when did you draw this?

Anyway I love it. I've never read a storyboard before and said.. wow its like..animated and I can hear Billy West and John just yelling at each other!

Terence said...

This is great but I'm tired of seeing Ren get beat up on all the time! Maybe one more gag, where he put some spectacles on and says," you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses..would you?!"

Terence said...

This is great but I'm tired of seeing Ren get beat up on all the time! Maybe one more gag, where he put some spectacles on and says," you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses..would you?!"

Paul B said...

what a nice drawings. What size are the original boards?
thanks for sharing!

william wray said...

Never saw this! beauty full and funny!

Rockman138 said...

Why did it never get developed into production? I do not get it. Was there a reason why it never got the "OK" to get into production?

Rockman138 said...

BTW, the storyboard is actually quite good. I wanted this developed into an episode, that would have Ren and Stimpy come back, but no, it never got past production somehow and I can't get why.