Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've started a new blog featuring my work in comic books.
Most of it is from Marvel comics.
Here's a sample.
For more, go to:


Vincent Waller said...

You is an inking drawing mad man.
Sweet stuff.
Another character that is in need of a movie screen.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Vincent, thanks.
I believe Larry has a movie deal in the works on Dr. Deth as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Keep us updated!

Boris Hiestand said...

damn you to hell Camp for being so good!

kris.w said...

i had NO idea!! just another reason you've earned my "fanmanship"! i'll need to dig through your comic blog to find out more.

great choice for a teaser page!

Anonymous said...

Hey bob I was wondering if you had any methods of staging characters in comics. Do you use any specific shorthand shapes in your storyboards or do you just draw straight ahead?

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Mike!

Thank you Boris, I think.

Thanks Kris,
More coming soon.

Hey Anon..
First I work with shapes and block out the major layout elements rough. Also do thumbnails. Design the page and panels. It's best to do it this way so as not to get hung up in drawing so much. It's like good layout and drawing chops are two different skills. If you were going to do a sculpture you wouldn't start with detail. Work on the simple big shapes first. Also learn to see those shapes in other peoples work aside from their rendering etc..

Gav said...


saru said...

I was reading some of your later stuff about character design and you said that drawing caricatures helped you out a lot. Know any tips that might help in drawing caricatures besides knowing your anatomy? Know any good caricature artists to study?

shannon said...

Bob, I'm so glad I found your blog. The last time I saw you, you were working on some insane internet cartoons. I'd love to see that stuff again.

Also, I remember you had a beautiful cover from the 'Nam in your portfolio. You should post it on your comic blog.

Anyway, hope you're doing well!

Fabio Tonetto said...

Hello mr Camp.

the doodlers said...

Hey Bob! We have now established linkage, and will be sure to drop in again for inspiration. Love the inked work.

Eddie Del Rio said...

Great stuff. I Remember that Conan cover.

tim griggs said...

I wish I draw four panels that looked that solid and clean.

Gulzar said...

I enjoyed going over all your artworks!


Shawn Dickinson said...

Man, you are the master ink slinger!

Amanita Minute said...

Them was the days. If I remember correctly, you worked with Larry Hama a lot. I was an intern back then, so I had to xerox everybody's pages before shipping them to the next freelancer. Right now I'm avoiding work by surfing the web, and stumbled across this page. Hi!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Gav!

Thank you Saru,

Hey Shannon,
Thanks. I did post the Nam Covers for You to see.

Hi Doodlers,
Welcome!. Thanks.

Thanks Eddie.

Het Tim!
Howsit going pal?

Hey Gulzar,
glad you enjoy my work.

Hi Shawn,
Thank you.

Hi Kyle,
Yeah I worked for Larry, Best art school ever. I don't remember you but I'm sure you looked very different then.
I'm happy for your visit.
Come back again!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hello bob,hows it going?I can"t believe that you are still going strong like conan(not Conan O"brien)just kidding,he is kool too!!are you still in new york city??were you in paris for a while??living their??do you still have the thunderbird???Drop me an e-mail..take care bob..