Thursday, January 22, 2009

'nother Battlin' Babe


Anonymous said...

very nice. you should make a battlin babe comic on this blog.

David de Rooij said...

Runnin' soldier babes with boobs!!This should be even more popular than Baywatch!

David DeGrand said...

This is awesome and I bet it only took you a fraction of a millisecond to draw it!

[Moth] said...

Hi, Bob!

I just found your blog typing your name after seeing it in Ren & Stimpy credits.

I'm glad I found it!! I've seen all your posts, and I've enjoyed your skill, your hability and dexterity.

I'm happy to see there are people who can draw almost everything, and in a lot of different styles, and have it look natural. I'm used to see good artists with perfect anatomy but when they draw cartoon it looks like they can't draw at all... and viceversa.

Just let you know I admire your work and i'll bookmark this and add it to my blog links.

Saludos from Barcelona!!!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Anon..
Yeah the comic on my blog goes at the back of a long list of stuff that'd be neat to do:)

Thanks David,
Heyfind a place to run it and I'll make it by gum!

Hey DeGrand, thanks. Yeah drawings of something fast should be drawn quickly! BFunny ones too.
But you know dat.

Hello Moth,
Thank you for all your kind words.
Keep in touch!

Regina Edelman said...

Like lots of people, I love watching people draw. Before TV & computers, people paid to watch Windsor McKay and other artists draw on the Broadway stage. Quick draw artists they called them.

The nice thing about your drawing, Bob, is that it's still moving after your hand has left the paper!


Bob Camp said...

Hello Daryl,

Yes there is nothing like a nice pencil drawing. I prefer seeing a rough drawing to a clean one because you can see the gesture, the artist's hand in it.

Thanks for the great compliment.