Sunday, March 8, 2009


Another groovy guy that Jim Gomez and I came up with.
He's everybody's obnoxious uncle that just so happens to be a six foot Stink bug who greets you by turning around and hitting you full in the chest with a fire hose blast of bug stink!


David Martingale said...

What an awesome drawing!

Anonymous said...

Great, amazing and so thrilling job Bob, I really like it ! You're great, mister Camp. And earned a links status on my blog... Ahahah.
p.s.: sorry for my accent, sir, I'm french... oops.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

This is too much, thanks for sharing this Bob !

paraton said...

tell jim gomez to start a blog.

Eric Noble said...

I would not like to meet that uncle. It would be better if he was a "distant" relative... very distant.

By the way, great work.

David DeGrand said...

More great characters, a series with this guy and Gnarly Headrush would probably make my eyes explode. In a good way of course. I didn't think there were many more ways for uncles to be obnoxious, but here we are.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks David.

Hey Yod@,
Thanks for adding me to your links!
Your English is much better than my French!

Hi Rick,
Hey, you're welcome.

Patron, you tell him:)

Hey Weirdo,
Yeah he is the worst of everybody's bad uncles.

Thanks David,
They were created for 2 different show concepts. Your drawings make my eyes explode!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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