Friday, September 4, 2009

2 Dogs

Doggy sketches


Anonymous said...


Joseph Candelaria said...

very funny lookin', part of any new project?

William K. Moore said...

Hi Bob.. excellent site filled to the top with useful information. Looking at the work shows me you've mastered the basics and put in place the foundation which makes all the following art possible. I have a collection of Famous Artist books from the 50s. Best art instruction I've ever seen - or will ever most likely. Wish I would have known about those when I went to art school in the 70s... too dumb to know the right questions to ask. Anyway just a thanks to say I appreciate what you've put together here.

Shawn Dickinson said...


Ricardo Cantoral said...

PLEASE BACK STORY !!!!!!!!! Who is Scooter Mistah Camp ?

Ryan Khatam said...

HAHAHaha!! awesome! glad to see a new drawing, very funny dog designs.

chrisallison said...

hahahaha, more fun!

i think you get a lot of appeal out of your eyes (like dog on right), but i can't seem to figure out how it works. classic construction usually has the eyes elongated and stretched vertically on the form (as the skull is usually egg shaped). but you seem to stretch some of your eyes horizontally YET still seat them on the form. it's like a really good "idiot eye" formula. for some reason it's hard for me to ape. guess i just gotta keep drawing until i get it right

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Anon!

Hi Joseff,
Thanks, no these are sketches for a series that I co-created with Jim Gomez back in the day and came very close to selling.

Hi WK, thanks for the kind comments. I had the same books. best art books in the universe. Sadly mine were destroyed in a fire.
Take care!

Thanks Shawn!

Hey Rick, please call me Bob.
Scooter is a mangy mut with the brain of a Human Man!

Thanks Ryan, Gladja likem!

Hi Chris,
The oval eyes work up to a point. the eye shapes are all about the expression/emotion. Know the feeling you want to convey.
Gesture is very important. I try to always draw the eyes quickly to get life into them.
It's what makes the line/shape come alive. If you don't get the right feeling with the first try of the eyes, do them over. Never try to fix eyes that don't work.

Yeah it's all about practice. Practice on scrap paper with a medium point ballpoint while you are on the phone.

Tim Griggs said...

why won't the other dogs associate with him? He seems very nice.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Sorry, I'll cal you Bob. :o)

And thanks for the info.

BoneDaddy said...

Yeah, what's wrong with scooter?

Eric Noble said...

I like the dog on the right. Great cartoons.

Boris Hiestand said...

these dogs look like they really SMELL. Especially their breath.

Jimbo said...

Yo Bob I have some storyboards from big house blues of yours if you care to have them. You always draw the funniest dogs. Check out the blog and let's be friensd.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks everybody. Sometime I'll post the stuff with Scooter in it.

Hey Jim,
I'd be happy to be friends again!
And I'd love to have those boards. I have almost nothing from the series.
Thanks for getting in touch!

Anonymous said...

Re-unite with John.

Why can't we be friends why cant we be firends

Iron maiden said...

Hey bob

You should really tell us how you got into drawing cartoons and what are your inspirations I really like to know

ps did you ever see the preston blair cartoon animation book some of your characters look like they came from there I dont know you should check it out

Bob Camp said...

Dear Anon,
I have no desire actually.

Unless you missed it, John spent many years trying to ruin my reputation and career. He was cruel to artists who worshiped him which in my book is unforgivable. Perhaps he has changed over the years but I actually will be happy to never come into contact with him again.

Hey Iron,
I've always drawn and made cartoony pictures since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My inspirations are to many to mention. Early inspiration was mad magazine and Warners cartoons. Kurtzman, Elder Davis, Drucker, Don Martin. Hanna Barbara. Larry Hama, John Buscema, Mike Golden, The years I spent working at Marvel comics is the foundation of my professional work.

Jimbo said...

I'm on facebook but still can't navigate it properly. My e-mail is

Freddy G said...

John said this in response


who ruined whose career?

Games ruined the careers of every cartoonist who benefited from the show Spumco made

who wouldn't have had careers or names at all if not for Ren and Stimpy"

Bob Camp said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Hey John, thanks for everything you've done for me over the years. I owe everything to you.