Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random designs


chrisallison said...

HAHAHAHA i love the dad master

i read you're gonna make a short. i would LOVE to see your process. if you could take us from THUMBS through boards through everything else you do, that'd be awesome. if you could document that, it'd be of great value to future generations of aspiring cartoonists!

ThomasHjorthaab said...

I agree with Chris, it would be a great gift Bob:) It would be appreciated!

- Thomas

Steven M. said...

Is that a Hersey on the first image?

Vincent Waller said...

Great drawings.
Debbie and Dad Master are pure Bob Camp genius.

Eric Noble said...

Debbie rocks. She looks kind of cute to me. You are a fantastic cartoonist and a true inspiration to me. I agree with Vincent, the last two are genius. If I owned a studio, I would go out of my way to hire you.

Until next time.

Arthur Kremer said...

Dear Sir Mr.Camp
I collect authographes and letters from very important cartoonists in the world. I send you many letters during the years to diferent addreses, but whithout success. Now i have internet and find your blog.
Please very much to send me(not with e-mail please) a photo with your dedication and a letter.
Perhaps have you the e-mail from the cartoonist Ed Subitzky?
Thank you very much and all my best whishes and continuous success!
Yours sincerely
Arthur Kremer
Keren Hayesod St.4
Holon 58488

Anonymous said...

some more archives from the old days!
hope you do well man.

Unknown said...

The clown is my new fave.

kanishk said...

I agree with Chris, it would be a great gift Bob:)
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