Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some stuff I done skitched

I went and dug up some sketches.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I like the marker girl.

David DeGrand said...

These doodles are fantastic, I really like guy with the lobster bib. Were these for a project or just some random sketches you did for the hell of it?

Thad said...

Oh shit, this stuff is AWESOME.

Thanks for posting more of your artwork. I just checked in again for the first time in awhile and will continue to do so. I love seeing Rush die.

MC Harv said...

Really dig the sketches.

Bob Camp said...

Hi David,
Thanks. These are just doodles I did while working at Blue sky.
How's it going? Give me a holler sometime!

HI Thad,

I'll be posting more now that I'm back in the USA.

Thanks Jack,
I like your "Bob" picture.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

You really have a nice variety of styles Bob.

david said...

these are really great. i love the tonal stuff you did on them too. the cow girl is great!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks PC

Hey David,
You like the big fine women drawings, no?

crsP said...

For some reason the last girl has more sexiness going on about her than the first. My guess is the mystery. And possibly the softness she has to her.