Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here's another character.  Cold bitch for sure.


crsP said...

Greetings Bob Camp! I don't remember these characters - only the Thundercats and Mumra, oh and unfortunately Snarf.

Your notes on cartoons were a good read and I'm sure they'll be helpful to all. Because you were so generous, I thought I would give back and help you out with coming up with a name for this character. She has horns, hmmm, interesting. Female. I see...And her theme is cold. GOT IT! How about 'Horny Ice Vagina'?

I followed that comic without the words and not knowing those 'characters', so I guess that bodes well for the artwork!

Zorrilla said...

I love character sketches and notes, all the pre-production process, I find it as interesting as the finished show. Keep them coming, Bob!

Bob Camp said...


Thanks for the kind words and the name.
Horny Ice Vagina she is!

Bob Camp said...

Hey Zorilla,

david said...

ahahhaha this is great! i like the scrunched face she has.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really think that Chilleena is the best, it is pretty suspicious and insidious. And it still sounds very hot:)

I love figural drawing and the style!