Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return of the Jedi movie adaptation

Back during my time as a Marvel comic artist I did pin-ups for movie adaptations from time to time.  
Here is Luke doing his Jedi thing on Jabba's sand barge. 


Anonymous said...

That's just awesome. I also noticed you did the Renegades of Funk album cover which is one of my favorite songs ever. You're a god.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Anonymous,
Thanks for the deity rating.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Neat Mister C.

Anonymous said...

I just watched In the Army on youtube. You're insane dude. lol Nice drawing also.

Eric Noble said...

Awesome work. The guy in the very front reminds me of a Skrull. It's nice to see Luke kicking some ass.

chrisallison said...

See that grey Pollock on the wall? Yeah, that's my brains. These past couple posts have been nothing short of spectacular. Loved the comic, the doodles, the whole nine yards.

I've been inking a lot lately (for comics), and you got some really nice tricks here (for me to cop). I like how you pulled details through your ground shadows so stuff doesn't get lost. Great explosion effects and cloth! Also, preserved white edges on Luke's pants helps to keep him from melting in the BG. *Takes notes*

Looks like this was inked with a brush. Did you hybrid with anything else? Crow quill nibs?

Bob Camp said...

Thanks PC

Hi Mike,
Glad to know the stuff is out there being seen!

Hi Weirdo,
Yeah I like this one. I stupidly gave away the original to a Star Wars freak I know.

Hi Chris.
You are always thinkin' aren't you. I used o pick apart other people's work too. Still do.
I spent some years working at Marvel and did time as the one man (kid) art repair crew on all the titles. I had to learn lots of tricks fast. Be a fuckin' sponge. These issues were mostly done by Al Williamson. Now that guy can ink!

crsP said...

Some might say you've added more expression to Mark Hamil's face than he ever had in Star Wars. Not me though... He is quite the talented voice artist as it turns out.