Monday, June 22, 2009

Conan detail

Here is a small detail of a splash page I just posted on my Comic Book Blog.
Go and check it out!


Gabriel said...

a small detail?? Ok, I'm looking at the whole thing now in another window, it's awesome. How big do you draw anyway, Bob? Whenever I see drawings like this I think to myself that it must actually be really big. And then I see the original and it's not. Whats going on, is it more than just a steady hand? Did the guy drew this using a magnifying glass and a brush made of flea pubes??

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Awesome BC. Today almost everyone wants to be a Jim Lee imitator.

Vincent Waller said...

I'm sure Bob has the specifics in front of him. The Alex Raymond pages I've seen were huge. But I think most Marvel pages are 1 and a half times up from print size.
Great drawing and inking Bob.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of Brune Hogarth.

Zane Asylum said...

Man it's like you channelled Frazetta, Buscema, Hogarth and Kubert on their best days. Great job!

Bob Camp said...

Hi Gabriel,
I used standard Marvel issue paper.
Hey have you ever seen a Frazetta inked original? Now that's some tiny beautiful inking!

Hi Rick, thanks!
I don't even know who Jim Lee is.
Oh well..

Yeah Vincent is right.
thanks dude!

Zane you are being too nice!

Anonymous said...


Bob Camp said...

Sorry Anon:) thanks!

Joe said...

You deserve a medal for this

Ricardo Cantoral said...


He isn't a terrible artist but he makes every single character he draws the look the same. Apparently in Jim Lee's world, everyone as some degree Asian blood.

BoneDaddy said...

I was a huge fan of Lee's Batman, mainly because he found a way to make the short ears cool. But I agree, you've seen one Lee character, you've pretty much seen them all, with few notable exceptions (I do like his Joker, too).