Monday, August 27, 2007

Ice cream rocker

This piece has an interesting history. Before I moved to LA and began working in animation out there I lived in NYC and wanted to start an ice cream company with scary characters and names on the packaging. My friend Amy Wallin took over the concept and tried for some time to get the company off the ground. Meanwhile We started spumco and I was painting all of the backgrounds for the pilot episode. One background had a Jackson Pollack type painting on the wall and I really enjoyed throwing paint on the BG (this became a real style trademark of the series). Anyway, after I finished the BG painting, I wanted to keep flinging paint and had this idea inspired by my friend Henry Porch and his gothic band London After Midnight. I sent the painting to Amy and she had t-shirts made from it. She sent me a few shirts and I threw one into a drawer and forgot about it. One day I got an idea to scan the shirt and here is the result. It's not as nice as the original painting but it's all I have.


† Petiblew † said...

hey there, how are you?

I was reading the text below the image of the Ice Cream Rocker, and the name of Henry Porch ring a bell in my memory. I knew him in Argentina in 2001, and we talked about him being involved in music for animated cartoons, that topic interested me, very much.. but i've lost contact with im.. he gave me his e-mail address, but he must have changed it.

so, if there is not a inconvenient, ill ask you, if you know a myspace, blog address, to contact Henry. I will be grateful of it.

Carol in HR said...

I, too, am in search of Tamlyn. Leap of faith here, but if you could point me in the direction of finding her, I would really appreciate it. It's important that I find Tamlyn. Let her know that Cathy's sister is looking for her - Cathy, being David's best friend in high school.

Thank you so much.