Saturday, August 18, 2007

Personal Film Project

My idea for this guy was an older Bill Murray type.

This is an unfinished Photoshop illustration.

Here are a lot of different concepts for the heroine.

These are some character designs and Photoshop illustrations I did for a film project that I co-created with Larry Hama.


Matt Jones said...

Wow! That bottom digital painting is pretty awesome-great looking villain-ess!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Matt,

Yeah I got carried away on this one. The background is a scan of the cover of an ancient leather bound copy of Dante's Inferno I own. It looks like it was Satan's personal copy.

Unknown said...

I just assumed it was Satan's personal copy. Either way its very fitting..nice work!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Terry.

Wilbert said...

Older Bill Murray my ass. That's YOU to the (dirty) T's!

Bob Camp said...

Oh Wilbert, you flatter me so!

Anonymous said...

These caiman sketches are doooope as f__k!
you're the best man!
Can't beat the old man!!haha!