Saturday, August 18, 2007


A while backI optioned a script from the very talented writers Kenneth Oppel and Robert Martin called Mr. UFO. I did quite a lot of artwork for the pitch. This is a fun movie poster concept that I cobbled together from several classic Sci-fi posters. I added the faces of Drew Carey and Ryan Styles who I thought would be great for the film.

This is a Photoshop illustration I did of the alien characters.


Matt Jones said...

Ryan Styles is a comedy GENIUS & shamefully under-used by Hollywood. The last time I saw him in a feature film was HOTSHOTS!
Give this man a job!

Bob Camp said...

Yeah I always wondered why Ryan wasn't in any more movies. One of the funniest men alive. He's filthy rich though. He made a bundle off Drew's show and owns a big chunk of the American "Who's line is it anyway". I used to work on the Warner Bros lot and I used to sneak over to the sound stage where they shot the Drew Carey show and chow down because the woman who fed the crew was a friend of mine. Great grub! Anyhow Ryan's Aston Martin DB8 was parked out side where two guys kept it shining.