Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD world

A friend let me scan his press booklet from this great comedy classic which featured two illustrations by one of the greatest cartoonists that has ever lived, Jack Davis.


Yeldarb86 said...

Saw this movie last month. It's brilliant.

Nice to finally meet you, man! :)

Bob Camp said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm new at this blog thing and I find it's really fun.
Yeah MMMMW is the BEST. It also has the greatest cast of comedy talent ever assembled. The scene of Johnathan Winters tearing the gas station apart with his bare hands slays me.
Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

You know, it had always amazed me that Jack Davis could produce these movie posters, and if were in the hands of an inexperienced artist, it would have been a splendid mess.

The composition, layout, everything in these two images gels nicely, and not once does it feel cluttered.

Thank you for sharing Bob; your blog is something of an inspiration to me, and I hope I hope I got into the Animation program I'd applied to.

Best of luck,

From an inspiring artist/ cartoonist