Friday, August 17, 2007

Screaming Skull logo

This is my old company logo. I thought I'd put it in to start things off with a scream.


Unknown said...

Speaking of starting this off. I know you've just begun here, but you may want to consider working on some organic search improvements and/or Alex ranking adjustments. That all essentially increases your rankings on search engines so people can find you more easily. I don't know how much you can do with blog software you have little control over, but its worth considering.

Organic search aside you may be interested in bringing up past projects which have aided your fame but that may help. Though its understandable if you do not, as that was long ago and you're not a one trick pony.

Bob Camp said...

Wow Terry thanks for the great advice. I don't know what any of it means or how to do it but I'll ask my teenage son to help me out with it. Another small problem is that my computer thinks I speak French. As for the older art issue, I left Ren and Stimpy empty handed and all the art either ended up in the hands (and warehouses) of the network or in the hands of the artists who stole everything on the last day. Also I'm living in Europe and everything that isn't on my hard drive is in boxes back in the states. As for the fame thing I'm not really very concerned about that. It is truly satisfying to hear that other cartoonists enjoy my art.
Thanks again for taking an interest.

Unknown said...


Glad to see you posted some more great content! That will probably be the ultimate key for making this project a success.

Anyways, since Ren and Stimpy is very popular and now that you have associated this site with those terms, that will bring more people here from Google, I would guess. That image and the words "Ren and Stimpy" and then the user conversations that "reinforce" that title you're Google ranking will most likely increase for those terms "ren and stimpy". Sorry I'm a bit of a nerd and also in the industry.

I have to laugh that your computer assumes you speak French. You should get that checked out :)

Anyways, keep it up we love seeing your work!!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Terry. What do you do?

Kort said...

Definitely a way to start off your blog with a BANG! I've enjoyed perusing your archive and can't wait to see more. You hooked me with your work on Ren & Stimpy, but now I realize just how much work you've done, wow!