Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don Johnson Ghost

I worked on The Real Ghost busters as a character designer. I worked alongside Bruce Timm and we got to sit and draw ghosts and monsters all day. It was a lot of fun and I learned so much watching Bruce draw.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, I like the empty sockets.

David DeGrand said...

Holy crap, I worshiped the Ghostbusters as a kid! What an amazing cartoon, I think it still holds up today. The empty sockets really make this a freaky drawing, and by freaky I mean beyond awesome. And yes, I probably am going to comment on every post, this stuff just kicks so much arse!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Mike.

Thanks David
I'll put up some more GB soon.

Anonymous said...

It's neat you learned a lot when you worked with Bruce Timm, especially if you consider that he was a self-taught artist.

Speaking of which, after your slint with DIC, did you still keep in contact with him?

From an inspiring artist/ cartoonist

Gav said...

I had to do some Don Johnson stuff once. At least he looks more manly as a ghost.