Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to draw goofy style characters

(Note easy to follow instructions provided)


Uncle Phil said...

HA! Works every time.

Zorrilla said...

Reminds me of an interview of Will Eisner, he said that when he asked Lou Fine to draw a character of the Spirit in a funny pose, he would draw him with a big ass.

But he also said that Lou Fine couldn't draw a fedora properly! So he should have studied step 1 more carefully.

By the way, the interview is from a book by Eisner called Shop Talk, great book.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Uncle Phil,
Simple really, no?

Hey Zorilla,
I loved Will Eisner. Knew him a little and spoke at his class once. He was the king of all comic artists fer sure. Lou Fine too. His exaggerated poses and staging really took comics in a new direction. Plastic man rules! Hats are really hard to draw.

Did you ever notice that Will drew the spirit running with his left arm and leg forward and his right arm and leg back sometimes. This may have been to open up the pose. I learned a lot looking at his staging and inking. His storytelling is unsurpassed! Most inventive guy ever!

Anonymous said...

Great work.