Friday, August 29, 2008

Fake Tex

A while back I had a shot at doing a interstital (Interstishull?)
in the style of the great Tex Avery. These are some layouts I did.
I'm sad to say, I didn't get the gig.


Yeldarb86 said...

I remember that particular short, it was quite funny.

I think Kaz was the one who set the tone for it.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, I love droopy's expression in the last panel. also the backround in the cofee shop is really nice.

crsP said...

Astounding! Who got the gig? Tex Avery?

Ryan Khatam said...

these kick mother fucking ASS

Eric Noble said...

I love those last two drawings. I did like that short, but without Tex, it didn't have that extra chutzpah.

Thad said...

You are god.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Mr. s
I never saw it

Thanks Mike

Thanks crsp. I don't know who ended up doing it.

Hi Ryan. thanks!

Thank you weirdo.

Hey Thad.
If I'm a god then how come I'm not rich?

Ricardo Cantoral said...


This never took off Bob ? These drawings are frickin' amazing !!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Oh yes, now I recall this short. That was a terrific effort but I loved to have seen yours Bob. Your designs are more loyal to Tex's work.

Kevin said...

You're not rich because like the back of the coins say, "In God We Trust" - all others must pay cash. God doesn't need money. You, my friend are just a mere poor mortal. But the drawings are freakin' great! I swear, some of the coffee shops I've been to sell that new 'dirt' flavor.

Manuel Lopez said...

Me gusta que

chrisallison said...

these look hiliarious! you do this style really well.

J. J. Hunsecker said...


Those are freakin' AWESOME!! I love your take on Droopy. Hilarious!

I remember that finished interstitial, and it didn't look anywhere as good as your rough drawings. I only wish you had gotten the gig.

Also, it would not be much fun to be God. According to Nietzsche, "God is dead," so you wouldn't be rich now if you were God, but non existant. Secondly, the world crucified his only begotten son. You'd have to deal with those ingrates, Adam and Eve, who wouldn't abide by your rules.
Revenge is the only thing that God gets to do, such as flooding the world, or drowning Egyptians in the Red Sea. (God seems to like water as his weapon of choice.)

James Sugrue said...

Hey Bob.

You mentioned you never saw the short, so I'll bring it to you cuz I love your work so much

I bet you would've been amazing at this.

Vincent Waller said...

Wow, interesting choice on their part.
Great drawings Bob.
They missed out.

Jack said...

They should've chose yours. I like how the name of the coffe shop in your version is "what'll it be bub?" I also like the names of the flavors.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks PC

Hey, Kevin, thanks for the kind words Kevin.
hey in my opinion Starbucks tastes like dirt

Gracias manuel!

Thanks Chris,
I really kind off did my usual thing but applied it to the characters.
Also my style is already influenced greatly by mr. Tex.

Hey JJ.
Boy you gossip columnists are flipping deep!

Hi James, thanks.
Yeah... Wow.

Thanks Vincent.

Thanks Jack.
Yeah I try to put the funny wherever I can.
Oh well..

Anonymous said...

"Yeah... Wow."

Was that a positive or negative wow?

Bob Camp said...

It was like a "Not what I expected" Wow

Anonymous said...

OUch amazing style, love the eye of the wolf 'up and down' on his face(sorry for my english.

Vincent Waller said...

Lets just say I would've liked to see Bob's version come to fruition.

Patrick Seery said...

Wow, pretty impressive stuff. It's got me itching to take a try at Tex Avery's style now. I love the exaggerated bodies and expressions. Infact, Tex Avery's Daffy Duck was probably my favorite character. I hate how Daffy developed into a second rate character who is more "Donald Duck" than his own zany self like Tex made him to be

Ricardo Cantoral said...

Bob, have you or will you ever consider putting your work in video games ? I really think you should.

Matt Jones said...

Hey Bob, shame this didn't come off. I'm still in the South of France-finished boarding on Bibo's feature back in June & spent the summer chilling out & exploring (still got to visit that town Carcassone you told me about). Hoping to start on another project very soon. Are u back in the US? Hope you're well & you're family are settled back into the American lifestyle.

tek! said...

haha 'liver + onions flavoured coffee'
i really like the wolfs expressions on the last 2 images

david said...

these are so awesome. I remember seeing the short. They should have used your drawings.

Either way i am glad you shared them with us!

kris.w said...

haha.. these are awesome! i've always wondered if you had a blog around here somewhere.

you do great work and i've admired your stuff since The Real Ghostbusters -- of course i was too young to care to read credits back then. but after following your work and Vince telling me cool stories about working on Ren & Stimpy with you and the others, i hope to get to draw with you in the industry soon. are you still on Robot Boy?

keep up the great work and i'll definitely stay tuned to see what other awesome things you post!