Sunday, August 10, 2008

FBI guy

Just farting around the other day with pen and ink.


David DeGrand said...

Wow, even you farting around beats the pants off most finished art I see. This guy looks like he would be a great mortician if the F.B.I. thing didn't pan out. Thanks for the comment on my blog also!

Anonymous said...

Nice. He looks like Todd Barry.

James Sugrue said...

You're the best, Bob. Your drawings never cease to amaze me. Your so diverse!

Bob Camp said...

Thanks David. Yeah I thought he looked a little like a funeral dude too.

Who's Todd Barry?

Thanks James,
I think I'm always trying to figure out how to do this so I try different stuff. It's like I never throw a bowling ball the same way twice.

david said...

these are awesome!!

Bob Camp said...

Hi David,
I wanted this guy to have lots of angles to play up the bonyness of his body. Sometimes a style I do has more to do with what the character is about or what the gagg is than any intentional notion about style.