Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There was a scene in the movie where Arnold goes into a 7/11 to buy a t-shirt. I was designing the shirt. Here are several marker roughs I did. The last one is the one used in the film.
Not my fave it's what they wanted.


Zorrilla said...

The tank stroller is just incredible, I had seen it in a previous post.

The one of the stork (with a camo sling!!) is wonderful too. My 2nd favorite.

And the big wheel Harley! Great!

Looks like the one they chose isn't as good in its concept or the art (The marker roughs are so bold and alive)

Anonymous said...

These are great. I think the first one was the best. I didn't know you had jobs in so many movies.

David DeGrand said...

I agree with zorrilla, that tank stroller is beyond awesome. I really can't believe they would pass on that one, but the final design is awesome too. You should make your own line of shirts and use all of these!

Anonymous said...

Nice. These remind me of this show John K was trying to pitch.

Ryan Khatam said...

fucking awesome man

Vincent Waller said...

I'm pretty sure Bob worked on that pitch as well.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks Zorilla.

Hi Mike, thanks.

Hello David,
I've thought about making t-shirts but it's a lot of work, I don't know if they would sell and I'm not sure about the rights on the drawings.

I understand why they went with the last one. It is based on a sketch by the art director. It's much simpler and would read quickly from a distance on camera. Also the angles help sell the joke. It's just not as funny as the other drawings.

Thanks Ryan!

I did work on pitches for John but I don't think I had anything to do with the John K army baby thing. I believe he did that earlier. I do know that I drew these babies while I was working on Ghost Busters and that was before I was hanging out with John at all so any similarity is coincidence.

Bob Camp said...
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Vincent Waller said...

Bob, Didn't you do some war baby bad asses all the way back in NYC?
Or am I hallucinating again? Which certainly could be the case.

Bob Camp said...

Hey Vincent,

Yeah I have drawn bad ass babies in the past. And talking turds too.
You know I for one have been disappointed that the promise of acid flashbacks has been an empty one.
(Sigh) Alas, I fear there are no "Free Trips" in life.

Conrad Vernon said...

Yes the Born to be Bad baby t-shirt is not the best of the bunch design-wise, but for some reason I LOVE IT! I wopuld wear that t-shirt in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that one was chosen because that style of design was "in" at the time. Correct me if I'm wrong, I am only 20. haha

Tairy Greene said...

I would have picked the lummox baby. To be honest.