Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rankin Bass Design

Here is a really bad Xerox of one of my fave designs I did for Tigersharks.
He was the main Pirate bad guy. His name was Captian Bizarro
until I informed they who must be informed that there was a comic
book character by that name so they changed it to Captian Bizzarly.
LJN Toys did an action figure of him!


Zorrilla said...

Wow nice! I like how his head comes straight out of his chest.

I still haven't searched a lot about TigerSharks (I'm still watching the SilverHawks), but what I've read sounds interesting.
The bad guy had aquaphobia?? Tough in a water world!

Eric Noble said...

Spectacular character design. It has a kind of Alex Toth feel to it. It looks very much like a cartoony Space Ghost villain. Two thumbs up.

crsP said...

The xerox effect makes an interesting texture. If only the tonal change could be controlled. Those boots are fantastic - I bet they flattened them out to a side\front view in the cartoon!

david said...

super awesome! i love the folds in his boots.

Bob Camp said...

Thanks David. I remember thinking that the boots were made out of old sleeping bags.

Lee Schneider said...

Hi Bob, it's Lee Schneider. I wrote a blog about ThunderCats that you might like. It's at www.docucinema.com/500_words